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Please read and follow instructions carefully before process your appointment

The Health Protection Plan

All Residence Visa applicants are required to undergo a Health Assessment as part of the Health Protection Plan introduced by the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine (MoH) before submitting Residence Visa (new entry or renewal) application to the Department of Immigration & Emigration (DIE) of Sri Lanka, with effect from 03rd June 2019. Health Assessment for the Health Protection Plan for resident visa applicants is valid for One year.

Exempted categories from the above plan are applicants:

• With Diplomatic passports and their dependents
• Who are attached to UN agencies and their dependents as recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Who are attached to USAID, KOICA, JAICA, US Peace Corps and their dependents
• Who are attached to Government Ministries/Departments/Agencies/Projects and their dependents
• Who are employed as consultants in Government to Government projects                                                                                                

The examination is a focused screening for Four diseases: Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Filariasis. Applicant with positive screening test will have to go for further testing and referral through Immigration Health Unit (IHU) of MoH. Applicant shall receive the Health Protection Plan (HPP) Card once the Health Assessment is completed. From the HPP card, applicant can access health benefits at Government Health Institutions for Out-Patient Department Services, Emergency Medical Care, Primary Health Care and treatment for diseases diagnosed in the health assessment, free of charge. The HPP does not entitle applicant’s access to hospitalization for non-emergencies or treatments in private hospitals.

Conditions and Requirements
• Applicants should apply for the Health Protection Plan within seven (7) days of entry into the country.
• Applicants who are aged 1 - 18 years must be present with a parent or guardian to continue the process.
• Applicants should request an interpreter if they do not understand English or Sinhala language.
• Special requests or medical needs such as wheelchair accessibility, feeding room etc. should be mentioned in the online registration form.                                                                                               
Rescheduling or Cancelling Appointments

• Cancellations and rescheduling of appointments are accepted three days before the assessment date through email or calling our Call Center 0112209600.
• Failure to cancel or reschedule an appointment at least two working days prior will result in the passport number being blocked for a period of 7 days for next appointment. After this period, you will have to rebook another appointment.                                                                                        
Mandatory Documents Required

Applicants are requested to bring the mandatory documents mentioned below for the Health Assessment.
    • Original passport
    • Previous Passports (if any)
    • Photo copy of the passport biodata page
    • Print of your confirmation email    

Please note: If your original passport is retained by the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DIE), please bring a document certified from the Department stating this along with the legible copy of Passport’s Biodata page, the original DIE receipt which indicate that the Passport is with DIE and also mentions the date of collection along with a colored photocopy/ scanned copy of the passport biodata page.

Health Assessment Fee

• A fee of USD 75 per person will be charged for the Health Protection Plan.
• Payments can only be made in cash Sri Lankan rupees. Credit/debit cards are not accepted.
Additional Information

• Overnight fasting is not required before the Health Assessment.
• Parking is not available at the clinic premises.
• Please bring only the necessary items. Excess baggage will be screened at the entrance and stored in the locker. IHAC will not take responsibility for lost items.
• Applicants are advised to be present at the center 15 minutes prior to the appointment time. Tokens will not be issued 30 minutes after the appointment time and applicants will have to reschedule the appointment for another day.
• Our operation hours are from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (NB: closed on IOM holidays).
• Please note that walk in appointments will not be accepted.
• Registration is conducted until 3.00 p.m 
• The process approximately takes 2-3 hours.
The Process

Just Ten Easy Steps!

Step 1: Fill the Online Registration Form and Submit to book an appointment
(Please note that the ‘Save’ option should only be used if the applicant does not plan on submitting the application and wants to retrieve it at a later time)
Step 2: Print the online confirmation
Step 3: Visit the Health Assessment Center with the mandatory documents required
Step 4: Register for the Assessment at the Registration Counter
Step 5: Counselling and signing the Consent Forms at Counselor’s Room.
Step 6: Payment at the Cashier
Step 7: Sample Collection for blood tests
Step 8: Chest X-ray at the Radiology Room.
Step 9: Proceed for the consultation with the Doctor after lab results are ready. Receive Medical certificate upon completion
Step 10: Issuance of the Health Protection Plan Insurance Card.

Once the health assessment is complete, you can immediately report to DIE for your resident visa application/renewal process. Health Assessment information will be sent to the DIE through the IHU of MoH.
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